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Welcome to Fab5Home

The first blog post…  Hmmm.  That’s a lot of pressure.  My wife has been writing a blog for years, but this isn’t my forte.  I’m not a writer.  This site is a joint venture; an adventure that my wife and I are taking together.  Chances are, she’ll be doing the majority of the authoring here, and the photography, and pretty much anything that requires creativity.  She’s the creative one.

So, I guess what we should do with this first blog post, is to explain what this site is, and how it came to fruition, and what we hope to accomplish with it.

This site is (or hopefully will be) an avenue for my wife and I to express our (read “her”) creativity.  We share a dream of having our own business.  Through the years, that dream business has varied quite a bit.  I think we started with a bakery.  I enjoy baking bread and she enjoys decorating cakes & strawberries.


Next, the dream turned to wooden signs with custom phrases, quotes & scripture.


Currently, we’re even dreaming of owning a winery!  winery

And I just started making my own soap (which is much more involved than you may think!)

Who knows what’s next.  I just hope it doesn’t have anything to do with lawn care. We know our limits.

We’ve spent years talking, but not doing.  So, last night, while sitting on the couch watching MST3K with our oldest son, I decided to buy a domain.


That’s the first step in starting a business today, right?  My wife came up with the name (that requires creativity).  Our lengthy last name begins with ‘Fab’ and there are 5 of us.  So we are known to many friends & family as the Fab5. Have you ever tried to fit FIVE names into the “From” section of a gift tag? We’re not lazy – just efficient!


So, when choosing a name for our ‘company’, Fab5 was a given. Since we  home-make various goods, and hope to peddle said goods on this site at some point, we simply added ‘Home’.  Fab5Home.  The logo is in the works.  We’re considering the logo above.  Our name holds several meanings for us.  First, our creations come from our home.  Our tiny cramped home, filled with children, toys, dirty dishes, most of an Amazon fulfillment center, only 1 bathroom, and currently, a lot of soap making supplies.  And second, we make stuff for the home.  For our home.  For your home.  My wife likes to write, and she takes amazing photographs.  My daughter is an incredible artist.  She likes to draw and paint.  Me?  I like to follow instructions to make something that someone else has already done. I’m an engineer. I enjoy woodworking, baking bread, making signs, and my latest endeavor has been home made soap.  Last, but certainly not least, are our two sons.  They are creative also, but currently that creativity is pretty much limited to Minecraft, ridiculous stories, and poop jokes. Nothing tangible yet.  Maybe someday.


So in a succinct 561 words, there you have it.  We are a normal family (whatever that means) that wants to share our ideas and our creations with the masses.  And if it can turn into a family business, we’d love that adventure! That’s what we hope to accomplish with this site.  Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you back soon.